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Robert M. Krisko, Ed.D., is a retired school administrator, most recently serving as a volunteer school accreditation evaluator for AdvancEd, the organization which accredits over 30,000 schools in the US and worldwide. Raised in Kansas City, he graduated from The University of Kansas in 1960 with majors in Mathematics and Astronomy, and began his career in Education the next school year as an 8th grade Science Teacher in the Kansas City, Missouri school system. The following year, he was a member of America’s first Peace Corps project, serving as a math and science teacher in Ghana, West Africa, 1961-63. Throughout the 50 years of his career, he worked in a variety of settings and at various levels of education including inner city schools, Native American schools, a residential special education school, colleges and universities, innovative education projects, and public school leadership roles.

He pursued graduate level work at Columbia University in New York, The University of Kansas, and the University of Northern Colorado, focusing upon a mixture of Applied Anthropology and Educational Change and Development, the latter being his doctoral major field of interest. His first major administrative position involved starting the first Middle School program in Wyoming, in 1972; subsequently he became a leader in his region in middle level education and served as a middle school principal for 12 years in Thermopolis, Wyoming. At various times he held statewide office as President of the Wyoming Association of Secondary School Principals and President of the Wyoming Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; he was also on the National Middle Level Advisory Committee. His middle school received Exemplary recognition in 1980, from the Western Regional Middle School Consortium.

Administrative positions included Head Teacher, Middle School Principal, Elementary School Principal, Rural School Principal, Native American K-8 Principal, Curriculum Director, Special Education Director, Residential Special Education School Principal, and Assistant Superintendent .

His wife, Mary (Dr. Mary Krisko), finished her career as Curriculum Director and Federal Programs Grant Manager in Worland, Wyoming; she also is an accreditation evaluator for AdvancEd and a past recipient of numerous awards for teaching, including Wyoming’s Teacher of the Year in 1998 and The Eisenhower National Science Teaching Award in 2000, as a middle school Science teacher. Her doctoral dissertation, available on ERIC, identifies biographical characteristics of Teacher Leaders, extremely useful in the selection process for identifying potentially effective teachers.

Both Krisko’s have participated successfully in a number of sports including basketball, tennis, golf, softball and swimming; they closely follow college basketball (Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Illinois), the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, and  golf’s four majors. They have two sons, Jon and Nate, and four grandchildren.

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  1. Dave Brunn Says:

    Interesting pair of bios!

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