Well, it’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog, and with good reason! Usually, I took to my keyboard in reaction to something that happened, or a thought that occurred to me during one of my lengthy drives to somewhere in the country. One would have thought driving from Wyoming to North Carolina, in May, would certainly have stirred those writer’s heart cockles; several trips to Denver and back would only have been bonus coverage.

But alas, nothing has been forthcoming; I exist in a state of confusion over which topic to explore. As I’ve mentioned in previous commentaries, the current administration seems bent on destroying our country, but there have been so many and continuing instances that I have trouble gathering my thoughts into a coherent article.

Do I once more mention that they want to eliminate any thing which has the Obama tag on it, regardless of how tenuous? Do I gloat over various members of the Trump team who have departed, only to express despair about whoever replaced them? Do I again express my inability to understand, much less accept, that so many of our fellow citizens fail to look beyond the inflammatory rhetoric and blindly follow the paths lined with bigotry and violence? What happened to those ideals of equality, understanding, brotherhood, justice, that I hoped I was demonstrating in those early days of the Peace Corps, or maybe more crucially, were they ever really there?

Each day brings new issues, generated by the impetuous and uninformed blasts emanating from the White House; warnings from solidly knowledgeable economists, diplomats, scientists, educators, and others were totally ignored as we are plunging into an abyss created by whim and ignorance. I, along with many of my friends have become beset with a feeling of total helplessness with the arrival of each new step backward.

I guess the bottom line is that I have a difficult time dealing with irrational thinking, and in particular when it affects me directly (We’ll ignore the fact that I bought another Jaguar). I was okay when I was Principal of a residential school for severely emotionally disturbed young folks; after all, I knew what kinds of things to expect from them even when they were violent; I did have problems when I realized that a lot of the causes of their conditions had roots in irrationality.

We know that we are having supposedly the lowest unemployment since 1971, and that the economy is in great shape. Leading economists say this was not a good time for the Tax Break, it wasn’t needed. “Don’t do it”!

We don’t have enough people to fill all the jobs, especially the ones that Americans don’t want. So instead of developing a program to help fill those jobs, like in agriculture and construction, we try and rid the country of these “vermin”. Some of our industries and businesses will not survive. We won’t let owners of businesses, corporations, farms and ranches, sponsor illegals and allow them to stay as long as they are employed in those organizations. In the meantime, there are lots of tomatoes rotting on the ground.

We’re told that the Stock Market is booming because of Mr. Trump. That’s true, in a sense; it had been improving throughout the previous administration, but we knew it would jump when the very controls which had been put in to protect investors and to address environmental issues were lifted. That made more money available but put us once more in danger of another recession. That money has not demonstrably gone to the workers as had been promised; most of it goes to the stockholders.

Doing away with the Consumer Protection program, which has saved consumers a documented billions of dollars, should be classified as a mortal sin. Kicking LGBT out of the military. Breaking promises for DACA. Separating children from parents. Restricting targeted religious groups from entering the country. And on and on. Irrational.

Perhaps I’ll greatly shrink my realm of interests, and concentrate on less major topics. Should I cancel Facebook? Instagram? Amazon Prime? Netflix? Cable TV? (whoops, not that one; NFL football begins next month and the Broncos will rise again—unless injuries).

Did you know that no one has ever been able to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without getting some of it on their fingers? Now that’s major!

Always Be Happy        To Our Youth

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