Well, it’s happened again. Fall has fallen, or at least a rather blunt warning of what’s to come in the near future. Last week, I spied a small cluster of golden leaves peering out through the lower branches of the green ash tree in my front yard; today, they have been joined by a number of emergent colleagues fighting among each other for primary visibility. I would guess that by the end of the weekend, the tree will be totally turned and preparing to launch an onslaught of leaves for my raking and bagging pleasure.

This morning began with a 36 degree temperature accompanied by a chilling rain, and there was little improvement throughout the day. It was one of those days periodically necessary that justifies remaining indoors, using the time to enjoy the solitude enhancing reflection upon issues both personal and public. This year, and particularly now, there are too many of the latter to easily attain some degree of closure as polarity has increased almost incrementally throughout the nation. That, coupled with the onset of major natural disasters, contributes significantly toward a renewed effort to once again assess personal values and priorities.

At times it becomes difficult to remain positive; the Republicans’ continued assault on existing health care legislation or for that matter, anything that has former President Obama’s name attached either formally or informally, creates storm clouds of dissent and intolerance. Their current effort is especially abhorrent in that it represents a poorly conceived collection of actions, created without adequate thought and participation by the total collection of persons we’ve empowered to perform such tasks; yet it involves almost one sixth of our national budget

I was even moved to write letters expressing my opinion to our Congressional representatives (just 3!); I received replies from each of our two Senators several weeks later. One of them said nothing other than they intend to create a program that “provides better coverage for all, for less cost”. Good luck with that! I think he spends most of his time making sure he’s standing just off McConnell’s right shoulder during any TV appearances. The other Senator, who happens to be Chairman of the Budget Committee, was a bit more explicit, using some of the current “fake information” to justify his opposition to a single payer approach. I was angry enough that I dashed off a lengthy, scathing attack on the Republican genre, pointing out that they have abandoned most of their traditional beliefs that used to be woven into the fabric of American Society. I hope he replies again; I want to disagree with his suggestion that a single payer system would put decisions into the hands of bureaucrats instead of having private insurers chosen by the subscriber make the decisions about treatment. I would point out that I, along with all my friends who are on Medicare, have never had anything turned down “by the bureaucrats in that program”, although there have been a few reports of rejections by private, supplemental insurance providers.

I also remarked on the proposed budget greatly increasing military expenditures to the detriment of many other programs. As an example, I mentioned that funding for nationwide Staff and Professional Development in schools, under Title II of ESEA, is to be eliminated. This for less than the cost of one new airplane.  And already we have sufficient weaponry and personnel to kill off everyone on the planet; how much more do we really need? I also suggested reconsidering a tax cut instead of tax reform, how can we fund disaster relief at the level that appears necessary? It’s like the Bush 43 administration starting two wars while having tax cuts, and ruining the balanced budget that a bipartisan team led by John Kasich and Bill Clinton had achieved.

And I’m scared. I’ve been anti-Trump for a number of years, beginning with his purchase of the iconic Turnberry Golf Links in Scotland along with reneging on his promises regarding building a new course in Northern Scotland on a prime natural landscape, against the wishes of the local population. As a devoted golfer and having actually visited that venue, that upset me. Nothing he’s done since has softened my opinion, in fact, I consider him disgusting, despicable, untrustworthy, and totally self-aggrandizing. I can think of no one of equal public persona any less appropriate to be in the position as “leader of the free world” than he, and I can’t understand the reluctance, maybe even the “crime”, of Congress to rid us of this tumor.

His recent speech to the U.N. was just another example of his incompetence and lack of understanding of the mechanics of international leadership and cooperation. His use of language to attack perceived opponents , which creates further major conflict both domestically and with foreign adversaries, is much worse than language I had to deal with when as a school principal, I suspended or caused students to be expelled. Both he and the North Korean dictator are equal in actually representing evil as they continue to escalate the potential for destroying much of the civilized world.

He ignores the fact, a REAL fact, that laws and regulations spring from a need to resolve an issue, and those needs change over time. The regulations initiated during the last administration on financial institutions, and on environmental concerns, were put in to protect us from a variety of problems. Yes, many of them may have added to the cost of business, but they were reasonable in their intent. But it looks as though Trump had someone (probably Bannon) prepare for him a checklist of everything that had Obama’s name on it, and is proceeding down the list eliminating everything, disregarding whether the item makes sense.

So I have a choice to make, do I continue ranting and getting upset, or do I try to withdraw into a protective ignorance of what’s going on in “the outside world” (those of us living in Wyoming consider everywhere else to be different, and thus, The Outside World)? I guess for the time being, I’ll continue to get ready for the next season; I’ve already gotten my long sleeved shirts out of their storage box, laundered and folded them into the drawers, and replaced them in the box with all my short sleeved golf shirts. The patio furniture and carpet is stored away, the plumber is scheduled to change the furnace filter, and the lawn sprinkler system due to be shut down and blown out.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll head somewhere warm.

Always Be Happy                 To Our Youth

One Response to “FALL FELL”

  1. Alan Sheinker Says:

    I share your views of our fearless non-leader in charge. He has created a banter that has allowed racist and hate to be acceptable by some. Hopefully, there are more that find it unacceptable, but I am not sure.

    It appears he has no conscience or care for the environment or people especially the elderly. It is all about drill baby drill. How much oil can be pull out of the ground. Can we export it to other countries.

    Regulations were put in place because people took advantage of the rest of us. By removing them I don’t think it makes us safer or protects us financially.

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