Books, Revisited

Long forgotten summer days,

Monopoly games and grape Kool-Aid;

Hide n’seek and hollyhock maidens;

Rubber guns across the grass;

King of the hill and hunting snakes;

Cicadas buzz and firefly lanterns.


What brings these memories once more

To taunt with longings for once known calm;

For hours lingering, enfolded in worlds

of fantasy, reality and life?


Yes, they had a link, the glue that

Joined them every one,

A core on which they hung as ornaments upon a tree,

A daily interlude of peace and thought,

Voyages into realms of thought and place,

Of freedom to explore and wonder.



I’ve now renewed that long-suppressed affair,

Its embers flare anew but sent by different winds.

In youth I sought, among those pages, adventure and excitement

Unfettered, treks to vistas new, exciting;


But now in later years I search for inner peace, silently content;

once more my old friends arrive to weave a cloak

of words enveloping my mind, creating worlds anew,

revisiting images long forgotten of youth and childhood,

an interlude denying  sounds of hate and evil,

of wars and anguish,  of hopes still unfulfilled.

And I savor my retreat.


Always Be Happy             To Our Youth






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