Where Will It End?

Where Will It End?

The United Nations Security Council convened an emergency session in response to major emerging conflict between member states, arising in response to U.S. President Trump’s newly-announced policy on immigrations.

The roots of dissent lie in the restrictions being suggested that have the intent of more closely monitoring potential new arrivals on our shores, primarily requiring fairly high levels of special skills along with a command of the English language.

This is indeed puzzling, as numerous articles citing extensive research show two major points: First, many of our recent college graduates have indicated major difficulties in securing employment due to many of the open positions being taken by foreigners meeting exactly the requirements outlined in the proposed policy. These are the people who really are taking American jobs, not the undocumented immigrants.

Furthermore, the Administration appears to have major hangups about undocumented aliens whom they claim are taking jobs away from Americans. This is in direct contrast to the first point; this concern directly addresses employment of persons generally having low levels of education and skills, many of whom don’t speak English upon arrival, not unlike those persons employed in telephone customer support positions by many of the technology giants. Consistently , research studies indicate that these folks are taking jobs Americans don’t want, particularly in agriculture, construction, and the service industry. I won’t belabor the point that if these folks aren’t allowed in, we shall see major crises in the three areas I’ve already mentioned, and others.

That being said, allow me to return to the first point. Does the President realize the effect this will have on the fundamental fabric of the tapestry which is America? Are we to continue to allow Kenyan runners to win all of our marathons, realizing that English is the official language of their country? There’s some solace however, Ethiopians need not apply, they speak something else.

And what about college and NBA basketball? All those Eastern European players will have to look somewhere else for those scholarships and big bucks awaiting their signings. How will Coaches Self, K, and Cal manage to maintain their ascendancy? In the pros the days of the Olajuwans and Dikembe may bloom, Nigerians speak English. But woe for the Somalis!

South Korea will suffer a severe setback in their mission to dominate the LPGA golf tour, except for those ladies who took time to learn English and go to school in this country. That should free up lots of places in the top 10 for good ‘ol American gals.

I wonder that if this had been in effect years ago, would the Nigerian Nightmare have been welcomed in KC? And will Major League Baseball have to fold up due to losing all those players of Latin extraction from all over the Caribbean? What about the “pure” U.S. men’s soccer football roster? And the NHL, do Russian players qualify?

Already we are seeing clashes between countries representing each side of the policy, Nigerians and Ghanaians against Somalis and Congolese; Ukrainians versus Brits, Jamaican bobsledders against Norwegians and Germans. If this continues, we can’t even guess where it all will end.

Oh, well, as long as the AFC West remains okay, I’ll just have to accept the status quo and go on with my life.

Always Be Happy  To Our Youth

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