Whelmed Under

Writing, to me, has in recent years been an activity that has provided a calming influence in times of stress; much unlike the effects of my usual golf game.

My normal writing routine begins when some new event or topic arises, something that catches my attention to the degree that I want to think more about it. Never having been one of those persons gifted in the skill of rapid verbal argument, I’m much more comfortable with the measured placement of words on some variant of a document, closely paralleling the rate of my thought processes and representing some period of serious analysis leading toward closure. I would guess that the comment, “Let me think about that”, accurately describes my modus operandi, and in fact has served me well in keeping me out of trouble and preventing poorly-considered actions.

As far as most of my blog topics are concerned, they have generally been single events allowing me the luxury of “taking a sample and rolling it around in my mouth until I decide that it does indeed taste good, and deserves a place in my menu.” Each of these is subject to what I’ve referred to in the past as being “filtered” through the screen of my background of experience and knowledge, and therefore forms an opinion unique to my particular world view. That doesn’t guarantee that it coincides with the opinions of others, generated through their own screening processes, but it provides me with the satisfaction of some degree of closure and a sense of stability in my own world.

But I’ve run into a major dilemma, insofar as my personal peace of mind is concerned. Those other topics which I addressed sprang up unencumbered by others that would further complicate the analytic processes, they essentially “stood on their own” within my daily habitual perceptions of the world around. That is not the case today; each day a new concern arises, many of them far beyond my personal comfort, and threatening to the total stability not only of our own country but also of the world in general.

If I am to write about these warps in the usually smooth fabric of my daily life, where do I start? Do I once again harp on the topic of Denial, which runs rampant not only through the executive branch of our government but has also found a home in generous portions of our legislatures throughout the country and in Congress?

Do I write about my personal anger, an example of which occurred last week when I was watching an interview with Senator Mike Lee of Utah, on Meet the Press Daily. He was spouting one lie or half-truth after another, and Mr. Todd not only seemed unable to effectively counter, there was no latitude left for corrective action. I even threw a couple of things at the TV (soft items, that was once an expensive TV)! Lee, as well as the head of the EPA, both seem to think that by talking loudly and fast, and widening their eyes while wrinkling their brows to project sincerity, they become believable. Not so.

Do I rant again about the revelation that massive amounts of bigotry, both racial and religious, have left their covert warrens and emerged full-blown into governmental processes, including the judiciary?

Do I attack the “Karl Rove tactics” of the right wing that successfully and falsely painted our last President as evil and bigoted, and on a mission to destroy our country?  And what about the Executive Orders that he had to create to try and move the country forward when Congress, following the lead of Senator Mitch McConnell, refused to consider anything proposed by Mr. Obama and at the same time did nothing to address problems?

And what about Standards?  Many of the persons in major positions of leadership are flawed with moral and ethical character issues, yet have been elected over others less tainted. There’s talk about ignoring Political Correctness as if it’s a cancer on society; in reality it’s merely an effective method of minimizing conflict so that productive processes may yield greater successes.

These and so many other concerns have overloaded my mind and in a sense, rendered me more non-functional than I would like to be. I won’t address the promises to bring back coal jobs, when there are an estimated 600,000 renewable energy jobs waiting. Nor will I point out that those terrorists aligning themselves as “true Muslims” are in fact denying that ultimately, true faith lies in the depth of commitment by each individual toward his personal concept of a Supreme Being. These tumors on the Human Race have nothing to do with religious commitment.

And so, I’m going to rest for a while and see if any of these things get sorted out. In the meantime, I can dwell on all my continuing health issues and see how I can overcome them sufficiently to complete a round of golf.


Always Be Happy        To Our Youth

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