Half Full or Half Empty?

Well, it’s been awhile since I last blogged (is that a real word?), I’ve been selfishly distracted by the emergence of more potential Tarnish on The Golden Years. During the past month or so, I’ve seen two Primary Care Physicians, one Hematologist, two neurologists, a physiatrist, a dermatologist, two neurosurgeons, a physical therapist, and a partridge in a pear tree.

And I’m now comfortable with the outcome of all this activity. To summarize:

  1. yes, those flaky areas on my skin, on and around my head, had some cancerous and some pre-cancerous characteristics, and are scheduled to be removed some morning in the next month or so.
  2. yes, my neuropathy in the legs and feet has worsened, but some of it may be from compression on the nerves in my neck, and may be improved by item 3,
  3. yes, I have significant stenosis in the cervical spine caused by arthritic spurs pressing on the spinal cord, and a soon-to-be-scheduled cervical laminectomy should relieve all of that and improve item (2),
  4. yes, the physical therapy exercises prescribed by the physiatrist are helping relieve pain and improve strength and flexibility in my body,
  5. yes, I’ve paid for most of my next dental implant, to be completed in October. (Why aren’t these covered by Medicare?)
  6. Yes, the hematologist determined that my MGUS disease has not moved on to become multiple myeloma, certainly something I’d rather avoid.

There’re other intrusions into my otherwise idyllic life — I got fooled by a computer “phisherman” who removed information from my computer; subsequently I had to have the hard drive cleaned and all my programs reinstalled.

Today I received a notice that once again, my Medicare Supplemental  Insurance had gone up, to $202, allegedly due to my entering another age group. AT 77? I’m still middle aged (especially if all items 1-6 are okay).

Yesterday I found a bill for tree spraying stuck in my door, such activity coming a month after I cancelled the contract. It was subsequently remedied, but my usually mellowness was marred.

I had to get a new cell phone due the other one no longer functioning effectively, especially when using Bluetooth while I travel.

The bathtub drain clogged yesterday.

My cat Timothy apparently has cataracts on both eyes and can’t see. (is that why they’re called, “cat aracts”?)

I’ve been diagnosed that I might be glucose intolerant, but at my age, who cares? And I’m very tolerant socially, although I had a small nervous moment when I unavoidably was introduced to Dick Cheney last month at a barbecue in Jackson Hole.

So it’s time to become optimistic, even if there’s that specter of a horrible presidential campaign still ahead, and Dick Cheney’s daughter probably being elected to Congress from Wyoming.

First, our premier local corn grower has started delivery to the grocery stores, 4/$1, and a quick 2 minutes in the microwave before removing all of the leaves yields a nugget of sweet gold.

Next, our weather has turned toward fall, with no highs above the low 80’s in the foreseeable future, even 70’s.

We attended the christening of our new Granddaughter last month, and she’s beautiful!

NFL football is beginning, and I’m still basking in the glow of last year’s Bronco win in the Super Bowl.

It appears that the pending surgery will allow me to regain some of my former strength and flexibility of movement, meaning that golf will still be part of my life. And maybe even some slow basketball and tennis!

I’ll be able to do some major travel once again, and use all those frequent flyer miles.

Maybe I’ll even sell my house and move to some low maintenance, low cost area near many of my far flung  friends. One of the problems I unfortunately now have is many of my local friends are no longer with us,.

And I’m certainly going to get back to my writing, I have several projects to complete including that Middle School Primer!


Always Be Happy      To Our Youth

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