Ah, October!

Ah, October! As I’ve done each fall since I’ve been writing a blog, I always pause and congratulate myself that I’m still around and able to enjoy its wonders. Each day begins with some chilly warnings of what lies ahead in another month or two, cold enough that one has to wear long sleeves and long pants but not too cold so that you still have the motivation to complete a lot of tasks still to be done outside.

Early on, sunbeams try to thread their way through the rapidly changing colors of all the leaves on trees; casting a shimmering gold as the wind stirs the branches and urges them to seek the still-green grass below. Cloudless, startlingly blue skies are the rule, accompanying temperatures soaring upward to the mid-70’s. A daily temperature range of 40 degrees is not uncommon, and often encourages wardrobe modifications to meet each new nuance.

In other words, it’s great for golf! Last week, I managed to complete, over a two day stretch, a fine 76 which also happened to be both the temperature and my age! I no longer have the stamina to comfortably complete 18 holes in a day, so I play the front nine on one day and the back nine on another. Needless to say, I was very pleased as it was my lowest score in two years. Finally I feel I’ve regained the control that I had years ago when I was quite competitive, but I’ll never again see any long drives soaring skyward down the fairway. I’m now playing the “forward tees” and am quite happy. But alas, given the impending winter and surgeries, I’ll just have to start over again next spring.

I’ve finished preparing the patio for winter, having removed the vines that annually take over the two trellis-like structures providing shade throughout the summer. Cut back, they eagerly look forward to the warming rays in the springtime so they can once more begin their ascent. The outdoor carpet has been rolled up so as not to be soaked by melting snow; the grill is covered and the chairs stored. I still need to check all the stuff in the garages and storage sheds, to make sure I don’t leave anything that freezing will damage irrevocably. Paint, adhesives, various liquid solvents are shelved in abundance; my problem will be where to put them.

For the rest of autumn, I’ll follow the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Royals as they each pursue some measure of immortality. I suspect that the latter will have more success than the former, unless the Broncs can get some kind of offense going. I’ll suffer, but it’s no different than in most years past. I look at the two Super Bowls in the late 90’s, and the arrival of Peyton Manning, as true anomalies!

With the prospect of some time devoted to healing from the cervical surgery, I can catch up on lots of reading using my new Kindle; I’ve already dipped into some commentary on Christianity (Convictions by Marcus Borg), which questions some of the fundamental “beliefs” of that religion in spite of himself being a staunch believer in Christianity’s Essence. I suspect that as I get farther into the reading, I’ll find that he actually is looking for commonalities among the fundamentals of religions much as Einstein sought a Universal Field Theory in Science.

Among my several “idea activities”, I’m working on a Recipe to Reduce Gun Violence, a menu that incorporates both short and long term recommendations, and even involves the NRA in a positive contribution. Mental Health, schools, legislation, and commitment all play a role, and I hope to have it completed very soon.

Until then, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of this autumn, and continue to learn new things. For instance, did you know that if the plastic headlight lenses on your car become clouded, just spray them with a DEET bug repellent, and the residue wipes off without sanding. That tidbit may have been worth having to have read all of the above!

Always Be Happy     To Our Youth



One Response to “Ah, October!”

  1. Alan Sheinker Says:

    Always a treat to read the blog. I will be cheering the Royals for a return to the world series. Only two wins to go!

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