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June 2, 2015


For all of you eagerly awaiting the latest bulletin relative to my health concerns, Let me emphasize that I have suffered a “complete rebirth”.

For the past several weeks I have been contemplating end-of-life kinds of activities: redoing a will, writing an Advanced Directive, arranging for a Durable Power of Attorney, and all the other morbid items necessarily related to an early demise. I even mentioned in the last blog that there were apparently three different maladies competing to see which one is going to get me.

Well, all that can be laid aside, at least for the forseeable future! Yesterday, in lieu of having a significant spinal surgery, I was treated to two epidural injections into my cervical and lumbar spine, a procedure that took less than an hour and was essentially painless. By nightfall, no pain existed anywhere in this decrepit relic formerly representative of the aging process; by this morning I almost was able to leap from my comfy bed with anticipation of resuming lots of activities more recently withheld from my ability level.

I had asked the doctor how long this would last; he said it varies with the individual but would be several months to as long as years. And, if it were to begin to wane, they could repeat the process. So far, the only negative has been the onset of almost constant hiccupping, which I was told today by the nurse that it’s a normal occurrence for up to 72 hours. I hope I get some sleep.

To list the results—I have recovered a great level of energy, even to the point where tomorrow I may mow the lawn, walk nine holes of golf, install a gutter downspout, and trim some weeds along the sidewalks and fences. I can resume dreaming of foreign travel; I currently am considering a Gate 1 travel special to Iceland in the fall, a return to Scotland and adding Ireland, or maybe some of those lesser traveled places in Europe. My neuropathic legs and feet appear to have already recovered some lost strength and feeling, some of the numbness is gone.

And of course, there’s my golf game. Today, I was able for the first time in a couple of years to take a full backswing to horizontal, thus creating a larger arc and increasing clubhead speed significantly. Although it will take some practice to recover the timing of the movements within the swing, I’m already hitting my drives 20-30 yards farther than during the past year or so, and my score dropped eight strokes from yesterday with more room for improvement. If I can maintain low 40’s for nine holes, I’ll be somewhat content within my 76 year cocoon.

So, sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so fortunate that at last things seem to be on a very satisfactory upswing; I only wish some of my friends suffering from major health issues could have similar experiences and results. In the meantime, I think I’ll pursue my dad’s timeline. He decided on his 98th birthday to just close his eyes and leave.

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