I think that word means, “of two minds” when considering choices to make. In my current mind set, which those who know me are aware that it changes often and sometimes impetuously, I’m trying to decide among several options having to do with establishing satisfactory living conditions.

Last month’s 22” of snow, and its necessary involvement with a shovel, led me to consider other locations in order to avoid “real work”. I thank the stars that I don’t live in the Northeast; the present state of weather there would send me “over the edge”.

Do I become a Snowbird, one of those folks who spend the winter in some pleasant, warm clime? Given the current weather across the US, I don’t know where that would be unless it’s in Arizona or California, the former embodying conservative attitudes that I can’t abide, and the latter taxes everything that either moves or remains stationary. Of course, my state of Wyoming is proud of having the highest per capita numbers of guns, and currently is entertaining a bill to allow concealed carry in schools and at public meetings. And my neighbor was complaining about having an Islamic President.

Should I consider moving permanently away from our small Western town, known for its great summers and autumns? That would require massive adjustment to new surroundings, finding a new auto repair person, plumber, insurance, driver’s license, etc. etc. etc. Could I play golf year around, and how much would it cost?

Should I sell my house, one that almost perfectly fits my needs, but would normally demand periodic expensive repairs and has a lawn to mow and water. Should I keep the house and rent it, or make it into a vacation rental? And regardless of the choice I make, should I rent or buy, elsewhere?

Other things to consider include my frequent traveling, often to see my grandchildren in North Carolina and Texas. I calculated several locations in between, approximately a day’s drive from each. Then one of the places was hit by a tornado, and another is presently dealing with freezing rain and an occasional visit by a hurricane.

Proximity to a major airport hub would be nice, to get some lower fares and avoid lengthy drives to the airport (now I drive 120 miles, 2 hours, and have limited choices at a small regional facility). But I don’t want to live close by a metropolitan area; I need some geographical separation and instant access to natural surroundings.

The past few weeks have lulled us into a false sense of well-being, warm temperatures and sunshine even fooled the iris in my backyard into thinking it’s time to emerge. I saw a few tentative leaves poking their monocotal heads up through last year’s debris. I even spent a weekend in 70 degree heaven in the Pueblo, Colorado area and played 36 holes of golf. But alas, we’re back at least temporarily to February normal. Today it reached 34, but with a northerly wind reminding us that it’s still winter. Some 40’s and an occasional 50 lie ahead, so I’ll just start getting ready for golf. I found a new glove in my storage shed, and will use it at the beginning of the season until my hands toughen sufficiently.

And make a decision. As of now, I’m considering Southern Pines, NC, and Prescott, AZ. Watch this space. I’ll let you know.

Always Be Happy

2 Responses to “CONFLICTED”

  1. Jane Lee Says:

    So I guess the deep Sourh is not in the running. Let me know your decision. It was in the 70’s in the day the last few days.

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