An Event

Occasionally something comes along to take one, even briefly, away from troubles and cares.

Where I live, we are fortunate (some say “blessed”) to be in a place of clean air, clean water, and more often than not, clear skies. As I was driving home from the hospital after visiting a close friend in ICU to have a sudden rise in blood sugar addressed, I was treated to one of those astronomical scenes that serve to remind us of how unimportant our individual existence is compared to the enormity and elements of Nature and the Universe.

As if on an artist’s canvas, a brilliant Venus was almost close enough to stretch out her arms and clasp the new moon, a bright crescent against a velvety dark blue sky, into her bosom. I was reminded of a time many years ago when I took a photograph using the large telescope at our university, of almost the same scene but with the two orbs seemingly touching for that one night, before the moon continued on its way around our planet.

For those few moments in my drive home, as I watched them honor one another’s presence by seemingly becoming even more brilliant, I forgot about the human issues we create among ourselves, and I reflected once again on my place in this Infinite Scheme. So many of “my things” were suddenly, albeit briefly, unimportant as I felt my soul merge into that Wholeness.

And tomorrow I will probably return to the mundane, hopefully to retain and recall even a small morsel of that calm and peace to help me find closure to old issues and to effectively confront new ones.

Always Be Happy  To Our Youth

One Response to “An Event”

  1. Kyle Bev Walker Says:

    Bob, you never cease to amaze me. You certainly have a way with words.

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