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November 23, 2014


For the few who have been awaiting another of my blogs, I need more time to put together something bordering on coherent.

You see, those of us who are lucky enough to have a comfortable retirement have lots of random time available to ponder, time that formerly was occupied with projects, deadlines, meetings, and obligations. We have the time to explore new ideas, focus on self-assessment, define our lives, and a virtual infinity of pathways to follow either in depth or as a casual observer depending upon one’s preferred priorities.

When I first began to compose a new blog, I had suddenly realized that we are living in an Era of Denial in which not only individuals but also social subgroups are actively denying facts in order to promote their own particular agendas. In our own state of Wyoming, it is not unexpected that denial of Climate Change is a common attitude given that the wealth of the state is largely dependent upon the oil, gas, and mineral industries which provide a massive resource for the state treasury while providing thousands of jobs to citizens. Any reduction in coal, oil, or natural gas exploitation naturally has a major effect on those two components of the economy.

While considering this thought, I read a recommendation to view a new movie, Interstellar, which raised some thoughts in the reviewer’s mind about Creation. Certainly recent discoveries in outer space can only feed that curiosity unless one’s allegiance to Old Testament narratives overwhelms any serious consideration of factual data. And such a commitment is not uncommon in some of the local churches in our small community.

In the same article, written by my favorite contemporary blogger, there were some references to other sources of opinion regarding Faith, and I was pleased to see that one of Islam’s most famous scholars, Tariq Ramadan, had provided a description of what constitutes real faith in his book, “Islam and the Arab Awakening”. In it, he poses the opinion that only a few persons feel “real faith”, while most allegedly think that merely going through ritualistic activities takes care of one’s obligation to the Supreme Being. I share the same opinion. It was refreshing to review one of my archived blogs from the same blogger, one that described in depth her feelings during the pilgrimage to Mecca and its effects on her emotions. It appears that during that experience, she had completely absorbed her relationship with Allah into her basic being.

While these thoughts and ideas were churning around in my mind, reality intruded with the horrendous mutilations and executions occurring in the Middle East, brutal kidnappings and bombings in Nigeria and Mexico, the unresolved events in Ferguson, and more. I was unable to Deny these tragic events, but I find myself retreating further from the Real World and forming a protective “cocoon” around my mind. I see how many folks easily focus on their own existence and ignore all else that doesn’t touch them directly. And I fear that I, too, am falling into that realm.

Then came the election, and all the shouting and railing of one group toward another, with only the President taking any positive action toward resolving issues. Further denials of facts are seen surrounding the proposed Keystone Pipeline Project, which only promises jobs for the two years of construction. Immigration has become a real tangle, joined with the future of ACA as major battlefields for the coming year. So overwhelming is all this that I’ve retreated even further into the shadows, even to the point of forsaking some of my favorite political commentators.

As I try to write, I don’t find the words tumbling forth from the keys as they have in the past, and for this I blame my guilty return to a workout schedule after several months of laying off during the golf season. I was handed a blow, both literally and figuratively, this past week while performing an adjustment on the pull-down/curl up machine in the health club. The previous user had placed the pin which determines the amount of weight being lifted, into the maximum load. I bent down near the floor in order to remove the pin and re-insert it at a more appropriate level given my advanced years and lack of working out. As I removed the pin, the steel pull-down bar crashed down several feet onto my skull, and I am now trying to work through symptoms of a concussion. Happily, a CAT scan showed no subdural bleeding, but I’m to avoid any complex brain activities until all symptoms are gone. I guess that means I need to watch as much football as I can, and try not to sleep as I leave tomorrow driving to the Dallas area for Thanksgiving.

And now you see why this is brief and a bit random.

Always Be Happy          To Our Youth