The 28th Amendment


The 28th Amendment

As an interested spectator of all the dialogues about a variety of topics including 2nd amendment rights, 1st amendment rights, creationism vs. evolution, climate change, religion in government, voting rights, health insurance, and many others, I firmly believe it’s time for a 28th amendment to protect the rights of some of the folks involved in many of these controversial topics.

“No individual, group, organization, or governmental entity shall abridge a person’s right to remain ignorant, demonstrate stupidity, deny facts in order to further a personal ill-founded opinion, or maintain a cloak of intolerance in pursuing a lifestyle isolating others from sharing in those benefits of living in The United States of America and set forth in the Bill of Rights.”

Furthermore, it is my belief that this amendment would easily pass, given that many state legislatures are controlled by persons whose actions are directly addressed by this proposal, and thus it would provide the public some measure of understanding of the shaky foundations upon which major decisions may rest.


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