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December 24, 2013

To those poor souls who eagerly await my literary forays, I must apologize. I had this terrific blog almost completed, several weeks ago, when I was interrupted by the need to view a Webinar related to my next overseas trip, in February to South Korea.

During the course of the viewing, I dozed off, the subject being relatively drab when compared to some of the more interesting topics available on the Web. The nodding off would not have been significant, had I not been clutching a mug of tea on my chest and leaning on the edge of the desk. I awoke to find a blank screen, and no amount of effort would renew the power to the computer. Subsequently, I took the injured article to a local repairperson, who announced that “it’s fried”. A reconditioned mother board was then ordered a week or so ago, and at some time in the near future I should have my machine back in its accustomed place on my desk.

Naturally, I had never “backed up” any of the things on the computer in spite of having purchased an external drive for that very purpose. I hope that the retrieval is successful; I’m especially concerned that much of my earlier efforts be saved, particularly some weak attempts at rhapsodizing poetic. I liked those poems.

One of the segments of the blog I was writing had to do with responding to a blog article (blogicle?) about the writer’s desire to master speed reading in order to rapidly digest all the journals, magazines, and must-read books that had accumulated, unread, due to a lack of time to do so. In thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that not only could such skimming be applied to print, it would also have its place on our cable television offerings. In both instances, we quickly realize that much of the information with which we are bombarded is mostly chaff; that the wheat is what we should be digesting and discard all the rest.

On the other hand, many of us still read for enjoyment, that opportunity to immerse ourselves in another world created by the nuances of each carefully crafted word, as it contributes like a building block to erect a structured whole. Such pleasure cannot be retrieved from most of the materials which that writer mentioned as needing her attention, and it’s somewhat ironic that she, as one of my favorite writers, has to temporarily forsake her own mastery just to see if there’s something there that deserves closer examination.

So, what did I learn? Two things—-don’t fall asleep with a mug of tea near your computer, and back up everything! I was admiring the new Macs this week, I wonder if my external drive could take stuff from a PC and transfer it to a Mac?

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