Change in Plan

For those of you expecting to begin seeing more of my travel diary, there’s been a change

Dear Fellow Travelers (Whoops! Those of us from the McCarthy era should avoid use of that term!),
     I’m sure all of you will be disappointed to learn that my participation in the European-Middle Eastern-Scotland segments of my Grand Odyssey had to be cancelled, due some minor concerns related to hopefully temporary health issues. Rather than enjoying a Cinzano at a comfortable Venetian outdoor cafe, and sampling from a huge variety of Middle Eastern entree’s, I have to remain in Wyoming pending the outcome of some minor testing accompanied by three days of massive steroid intravenous dripping. I hope the stuff isn’t from that place in Boston! And with all those steroids, I may invest in a Caped Crusader outfit and head out to bring justice to the Big Horn Basin.
     I had thought of describing the beauties of the trip to the doctor’s office, 100 miles between Shoshoni and Casper, Wyoming, but that wouldn’t take much more than a phrase, a sentence at  most. I usually set it on cruise control and climb into the back seat for a nap. If I hit anything, it’s probably one of the pronghorn antelope that outnumber the people in this state.
     Pending the outcome of my tests, I should know by Tuesday if I can still complete the latter portion of my trip as scheduled, in North Carolina. If I run across anything that you should know about, such as a hidden cafe in the mountains that serves exquisite mountain oysters, I’ll notify you immediately!
Always Be Happy   To Our Youth

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