To my readers:

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and hope that you are able to “widen your horizons”, as my high school English teacher used to say.

I have a couple of travel assignments for March and April, to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (politics permitting), and if my health maintains its present status, I shall be able to complete those tasks. I also may make a brief trip to Southern California in mid-January, ostensibly to drop off some items for my son near LAX, and then return to Salt Lake City to have a short session at the University of Utah Medical Center before proceeding on to Jackson, Wyoming, for a short visit with friends. That trip is tentative except for the medical appointment, a necessary exploration of any potential new options for treatment.

Anyway, assuming I once again visit the Middle East, you may expect some more “dispatches” on the blog site. I may arrange for some stopovers in interesting places; I’m considering Iceland and Scotland, and perhaps one or two other places. I’m open to suggestions!

I’ve lost a few friends this past year, primarily to illnesses that seem to occur more frequently as we age. And there are also those friends whose communications suddenly cease, and about whom I can only wonder and hope that nothing serious has happened to them. It’s always nice to receive some reassurances, even if only briefly tendered.

Always Be Happy!                 To Our Youth!

One Response to “2013”

  1. Lucy Carmichael Says:

    Akwaba” from the provinces of Grosse Pointe! Love reading your intriguing ” Muses” and am really enjoying the descriptions of Cairo, Dubai-and your airline evaluations. Haven’t traveled as much as you have since I am fairly “rooted” along these international shorelines, staring at our southern neighbor, Canada, and the proliferations of shiny windmills which sport brilliant red lights in these dark winter nights.
    Hope that solutions will be available to you in Utah and that the New Year provides you with great adventure
    Ronny requires round-the-clock supervision at the house and has 12 “Ronny’s Angels” that make this possible. He had a stroke 2-3 years ago – but is very strong, working out with a trainer daily, eating very well and not taking any medications. He is delighted by all of us and enjoys the numerous freighter sightings, wild cats and raccoons who share our homestead.
    During the summers I captain my 37 foot Sundancer Sea Ray through the St. Clair lake and down the river to Lake Erie. The state of the art technology allows me to go everywhere alone or with a gaggle of family and friends.I especially appreciate the “axial” system which works on a “joy-stick” controlling both engines and allows the boat to move sideways and turn on a dime without using the wheel- it makes docking and gassing a breeze -also has power steering and super electronics. Just the right toy for little Lucy.
    Your “musings” open new windows during this winter sequestering – thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Happy New Year – Cheers/Love Lucy Milner

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