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Some thoughts about words—-

I don’t like the popular use of French terms to replace some “good ‘ol English” usage—-“Genre” instead of “type” or “category”, “Segue’” instead of ”transition”, and a few others. To me, it smacks of pretense, allowing one to become aloof from us commoners. And they’re harder to pronounce than our own terms. Take a sentence in which one of these has been used, and see if it makes just as much sense by substituting the English version.

What is there about the word “ideology” that leads folks to pronounce it with a short “I”? I can understand it if the person using the term is an idiot, hence, the same pronunciation. I even looked it up in the dictionary, and was informed that, as it comes from “idea”, the long “I” should be the beginning sound.

There are a couple of words from the World of Sports that also bother me when I hear them. The first is “athleticism”, which I believe was coined sometime in the 80’s to describe “athletic ability”. My problem is that my mind associates anything ending with an “ism” as some kind of doctrine, such as “Socialism”, “Buddhism”, etc. The other irritant is “opportunistic”, meaning someone tends to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Both of these terms have become commonplace and highly usable, they convey an accurate thought, and even I understand them. However, they still grate on my ears, and you won’t find  me using them.

The Election

I was pleased to see Mr. Obama come out on top, and I still don’t understand how people continue to flagellate themselves with the Republican vision of Economic Theory. How are folks able to forget what “brung us here in the first place”. Do they like us subsidizing the oil companies who are already garnering huge profits, with our tax money? Do they want insurance and pharmaceutical companies to continue raping our pocketbooks? Instead of whining about what any new regulatory actions will do to “their profits”, why don’t they look to diversify into the directions we all know we’re heading. I never understood why the tobacco companies and farmers didn’t move to other crops and products.

Racism and anti-Islam are rampant throughout large portions of this country, particularly the Southeast and Texas. As it is no longer really “politically correct” to make racial or religious bigot statements, those same people are using the ballot box. I wonder how many were actually voting against Obama for these reasons, and didn’t really care if Romney or someone else was elected.

My state of Wyoming is the leading coal producing state, more than West Virginia and Kentucky combined. You can imagine what folks think about the President’s administration, as we continue to recognize that so far, there is no such thing as “Clean Coal”. Mineral wealth is the main source of revenue here; we have no need for a state income tax and the mineral taxes pay about 80% of the necessary government costs. Hopefully, the natural gas industry will replace coal-fired plants sometime soon, and we have lots of that, too. Either way, we’re looking at jobs either lost or gained, but the latter is far less polluting. Wind farms are sprouting up in many places, but none are planned to come anywhere near the volume and numbers of windmills as I saw outside Palm Springs this week. Literally thousands of propellers whirring away, sending energy far and wide.

Well, my son is now married. The wedding had an unusual theme, “The Denver Broncos”! The bride’s mom had been a Bronco’s Cheerleader for three years, in her younger days, and both families remain very strong fanatics. Her garter was orange and blue, and had the words “Denver Broncos” featured; after removal from the leg it was placed around a football for the groom to throw over his back to the groomsmen. Unfortunately, our 11-yr. old grandson caught it, so I guess we’ll have to start saving for another wedding. Each table at the reception was named after a Bronco, with the wedding party at the John Elway table. The two sets of parents were at the Randy Gradishar table, and the photographer happened to be his daughter. The ceremony itself was on a yacht, with the yacht company arranging everything for the dinner, the cake, favors, etc. I’m glad I wasn’t paying for that!

I continue to seek some treatment to halt the progression of this disease. Today, I contacted the Peripheral Neuropathy Center at the University of Utah Medical School, and hope that my neurologist will refer me there. I appears that I may not be able to complete my next two school assignments, to Saudi Arabia in early March and to Bahrain in April, unless something can be done.

I returned home yesterday from the California wedding, having stopped for a bit of golf in Phoenix and Sedona on my way. I am having severe problems keeping my right hand from “twitching” just before contacting the ball; hence, lots of topped, fat, sliced, or pulled shots. I’m beginning to wonder if that disease has actually begun its trip up through the torso, arms and hands. Or maybe it’s just Operator Error.

I started moving into my “new” house today, and should have everything out of the storage unit by tomorrow evening. I won’t actually begin living there for quite a while, but it will be ready as a guest house if any of my friends come to visit. We’ll see how my body holds up through all the lifting and carrying.

Always Be Happy!                          T0 Our Youth!

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