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Occasionally one needs to be able to have a few moments just to savor, and with me, that offers a wide range of topics. Over my many years, I finally recognized fairly late in my career path that one of my fundamental personality traits was the avoidance of ever doing anything in any “real depth”.

At the same time, I have always wanted to know a bit about everything, a characteristic which stood me in good stead as a school administrator because it gave me some insights and empathy throughout the curriculum, and thus an understanding of what my teaching staff had to deal with. I could appreciate the concerns of the physical education teacher as well as those of the band instructor, the math and English teachers, and the shop and social studies instructors. Malcolm Gladwell would have categorized me as both “A Connector” and “A Maven” in his book, The Tipping Point. Others would have called me a Dilletante, with a capital “D”. And still others would have just called me Lazy. My prowess at Trivial Pursuit was legendary in the circles in which I ran; unfortunately it didn’t provide any financial rewards.

In Anton Gregoric’s rating system, I came out as Abstract Sequential, in other words, I have ideas and I can establish a sequence of events and activities in order to implement them, but after that, I’m finished and ready to move on to something else. And turn it over to a Concrete Sequential for implementation.

Which brings me back to my beginning point—-when I savor, it may be about anything, and you, the reader, become the victim.

Let’s start with some comments about the upcoming election and politics. I have recently become more disgusted than I was before, having felt that I had been able to tune out much of the rhetoric (read, BS). But I really need to say that there are three persons who are far above their colleagues in the area of being rude and obnoxious; this is unfortunate because all of them are extremely bright but their manner and mannerisms destroy what otherwise would be a significant contribution to their points of view. Those persons are Chris Matthews, maybe the most obnoxious person on TV; Joe Scarborough who, on his excellent “Morning Joe” cable show on MSNBC, consistently puts down his co-host with rudeness and verbal abuse; and finally the terrible performance of our Vice-President during last week’s debate when he was condescending, rude, and loud. Had he pursued a serious or at least calm demeanor, his message representing his party’s platform might have been heard, but it was overwhelmed by the nastiness of his performance. I believe he lost a lot more voters than he might have won. I certainly don’t want someone like that as my President. But then I don’t want any of the other guys, either. They’re far worse from the perspective of what they would do with our economy, as well as the major social issues they ignorantly raise. Here’s an example of poor thinking:

They decry the suggestion for raising the taxes about 4 % on the rich, saying that you shouldn’t discourage the “Job Creators” by taking away more of their money that would be used to create jobs. But I read an article submitted by a Republican billionaire that said, “that argument is so much BS (my translation). What allows them to create jobs is if the middle class has more buying power, creating demand, which in turn allows businesses to add more employees to make more goods. They’re  not going to add any jobs if there’s no demand. Actually, it’s the Middle Class that causes jobs to be created.”   Unfortunately, the Jobs Bill that President Obama had submitted to Congress was defeated by the Republican-dominated House; it was to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure with millions of jobs, and thus more tax revenue to replace whatever needed to be borrowed to fund the program. They just couldn’t see him be successful.

One further comment on that: Who is Grover Norquist? I don’t recall anyone ever voting for him. Why is he directing this “Assault on Reason”?

As for Abortion and Gay Marriage, they are taking away too much time from dealing with our real problems. If you don’t believe in either one, then don’t do it. It doesn’t affect you directly unless you’re a participant. A recent stupid ruling says that at conception, the fertilized egg is entitled to all the privileges of a fully- born person. Biologically, that egg “has the capacity” to become a human, but is not yet there. Probably the same thinking that considers a corporation as an individual.

Whenever I hear a politician refer to “The American People”, or I see him wrinkle his brow and widen his eyes to appear sincere, I know that there is more BS coming. How they have the arrogance and effrontery to act as though they’re representing all of us, by stating a partisan position, calls out for FactCheck.com to do its work. When they start a statement with “I think” I realize that (a) they’re expressing an opinion, not a fact, (b) they’re probably not thinking, and (c) there’s probably at least one or more other opinions about the same issue and we will be lucky if one of them is correct.

I continue to hear comments about “how far we’ve come” in the Arena of Tolerance. Yes, we’ve made some steps, but there’s a long way to go before racism goes the way of polio and smallpox. The current wave of Islamophobia sweeping through much of the lesser educated regions of our country is a major example of large groups of people being ignorant about that which they attack, and some of their leaders derive their status from fostering vicious attacks of hatred to their flocks. Rather, they should be reading the Qur’an, and seeing how the two religions supplement one another, not divide. Those who perpetrate terror are Muslims in name only, they are not following the basic tenets of the faith.  But the blatantness of their actions serves to increase the lack of trust and acceptance among peoples.

Well, enough ranting for the time being. As far as my own activities are concerned, I am looking into the use of Alpha lipoic Acid, a dietary supplement, to control my neuropathy. Googling reveals that it has been used widely for years, in Europe and especially in Germany, with good results. The clinical trial in Oregon which I’m investigating is focused on this regimen, but I may begin its use fairly soon instead of going through a 16 week research trial where I may be given the placebo instead of the material under study.

And to supplement whatever benefits may accrue, I purchased an Elite Integra Massage Chair (Google it) and a Sealy 12” Memory Foam Mattress. The former is now ensconced in front of my 55” TV and seems to be personally delighted to establish new muscle aches and pains through deep probing massage. The latter will be delivered next Friday, the same day as I close on the purchase of the house.

The weather has been cooperative in providing opportunities for daily golf, with temps around 70.

I hope to soon start using the 8” Meade Cassegraine-Schmidt telescope I bought from an astronomer friend, maybe I can finally begin using that major in Astronomy I received in 1960, then forgot. The scope is fairly heavy, the tripod alone weighs 26 lbs. It has a clock drive to maintain its position focused on a celestial object, but I foresee some careful study necessary for me to really use it. Fortunately, the skies out here in Wyoming are usually very clear, and all the forest fires have finally been extinguished so that the smoke is gone.

And I’ve joined a tennis group that plays two mornings a week indoors. One of the players has Alzheimer’s and seems to have a bit of trouble following what’s happening; this will be a good opportunity for me to learn more about the disease.

Finally, what is the the usage of the word, “well” at the beginning of an answer to a question? Is it still an adverb, or a noun, or is it something else? What is it really contributing to the answer?

Always Be Happy!                                                        To Our Youth!

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  1. hilarioariw.wordpress.com Says:

    Excellent post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well..

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