My favorite muse once again was lighting up the pathways throughout my mind, untangling many recent snarls of confusing thoughts and unwelcome perceptions. Thank you, my muse!

Life is once again bathed in light as I embark on a new voyage, not one of earthbound travel but rather the transport of my innermost self to a new plateau as I begin the crusade to slay the dragon of my autoimmunity. Consults with five separate members of the medical world all urged me forward, imparting to me collectively the prospect for successful treatment and potential improvement in my physical state which no doubt will see itself mirrored in my metaphysical perceptions. So today, I began a new chapter!

A recent blog I read was recognizing the individual differences among people as they confront various crises in their lives, combining their degree of commitment to institutionalized religious coda with their personal resources as a tool to unravel the opportunities for success. In following through her discussion, two thoughts occurred to me: one, each of us may be represented by a continuum with each of those two concepts anchoring an end of the continuum, and that our personal combination of the two is located somewhere along the line. A question to be answered might be “where on that line is the person most likely to enjoy a successful conclusion”; in other words, should the concepts be weighted in such a manner that success is maximized? Can there be too much or too little “institutional commitment”, or not enough or too much reliance on individual resources? What is the optimum mixture?

And the second thought was that the same concept can be applied to any setting in which a person brings their personal perceptions to bear within an institutional framework; a case in point would be the present political turmoil and the efforts of the political parties to attract people to “their side” as we experience extremes of dysfunctional polarity.

I personally am registered as an “independent” although a recent poll on MSNBC indicated that there is a strong tendency for “independents” to vote Democratic, or at least lean strongly in that direction. I would be a good example of that, and it’s a good thing that I’m not running for office. After all, I’m not a Christian, I don’t believe in prayer but I have a strong belief in a Supreme Power; I hate guns and the NRA; I’m abhorred by the current state of the GOP and wouldn’t vote for any of them at this point; I believe in evolution as a fact and think that anyone who denies it is stupidly following what people several thousand years ago came up with in order to explain their existence, with little factual information; I think that as we learn more and more about our Universe and our own state of affairs we are getting closer with each step to understanding that Supreme Power and persons who don’t go along with this are really expressing a lack of faith in Man’s ability to reason and to grow closer to that Supreme Power. I don’t understand the ranting and waste of time devoted to abortion; if you don’t think that abortion is acceptable, then don’t do it. The same is true of the arguing about Gay Marriage, if you don’t want to be part of a gay union, then don’t do it and let those that want to, do their own thing. Turn your attention to things which directly affect you, like the economy, the environment, jobs, etc. If you’re really devoted to this country, then Cry Out about the present attempts by the GOP to dis-enfranchise thousands of legal voters across the country, in order to have a better chance to elect their own candidates. And we don’t need prayer in schools, we should be devoting our time to education and leave the religious topics to the churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques.

I sometimes yearn for “the good old days” when politicians attempted to work together over their personal biases, and successfully achieved solutions. There was a tentative step in that direction when Obama appointed the “Simpson-Bowles Commission” , having two former examples of that collegiality leading an in-depth analysis and proposal of recommendations to address our economic and social turmoil, Unfortunately, I have to fault Obama for not pushing the report to Congress and if necessary allowing opponents to appear foolish in not following through. Alan Simpson is an example of a Republican in whom I have great confidence, he is a common sense practitioner of his trade and brings a strong intellectual mien to his activities. I once voted for Nixon, who was a genius in achieving many successes and it is tragic that he chose to make some poor decisions in other areas. In the recent primaries, I was disappointed that John Huntsman dropped out of the race; he appeared to me to be the only one among the GOP candidates with that “common sense” perception for potential solutions, and would have been a worthy opponent for Obama. Romney and company are scary.

The bottom line, for me, is that I am somewhere toward the “progressive end” of the continuum, but still retain some conservative elements. In previous blogs I wrote, I decried the shallow approaches public figures have taken in acting as critics of American education. They are only proclaiming their ignorance of what really is going on within the schools, and not taking the time or making the effort to look into those unsettling statistics that “compare” U.S. Education with the rest of the world. I believe I advanced some good arguments for our successes, and I identified the components most in need of attention, yet no one appears to have taken them seriously, even after I had forwarded them to potential pundits within the public media. People in general seem to want to take a Conservative Approach; that is, they are seeking some “One Size Fits All” format, ignoring what we know about individual differences in learning, in economic and cultural settings, and in availability of resources. And then they wonder why not-everyone is successful.

Enough blogging for the nonce. This rant will probably be continued!

Always Be Happy!                                    TOY-2-Daily

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