Well, don’t let the title fool you; it’s neither a variation of the basketball game of HORSE, nor is it an advertisement for a clandestine liaison. It’s actually what it says—-I’m going around the world!

Tomorrow evening, I drive to Casper, Wyoming, where I shall depart at 6 a.m. Friday to Denver, from there to San Francisco, and then a grueling 12 hour flight to Seoul, Korea. I note that the Weather Channel forecasts highs in the lower 60’s for the duration of my two weeks of school evaluation activities, and I have it on good authority that the cherry blossoms, probably on loan from either D.C. or Japan, are approaching full bloom no doubt in honor of my arrival.

A week from Saturday, we are having a tour to the DMZ; hopefully the North Koreans won’t pick that day to stir up the locals. It’s not true that I’m on a mission to convince them to give up on the nuclear stuff, except for peaceful purposes, although as a successful middle school principal I was able to pull confessions from some very challenging students while at the same time achieving closure through peaceful negotiations.

When I complete my educational assignment, May 4, I leave the next day for Cairo, Egypt, changing planes in Istanbul. Again a 12 hour flight, this time on Turkish Air which had excellent service on my previous trip from Frankfurt to Istanbul last year. I have two more schools to visit in Cairo, one of them looking directly at the Great Pyramid on the plain risen above the Nile (and the Pyramids Golf Course, the oldest course in Egypt. It is said that the story of Cleopatra, Anthony, and the asp that we hear is pure myth; actually, she took a 7-iron to him much the same as Elin did to Tiger, then she did the asp thing. He was critical of her backswing and putting. Certainly sounds credible to me).

I’ve arranged for a five day tour of the Upper Nile, after I finish the two schools. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the whole thing including meals, hotel and sleeping accommodations allegedly “5 star”, entrance fees, and the flights from Cairo to Aswan and then Luxor to Cairo, and a hotel the night before I fly out, was only $938! That’s for five days on the boat. No mention yet of crocodiles or hippos, which I thought might have something to do with the costs being low. But, after again consulting the Weather Channel, I see that the high tomorrow at Aswan is 109, and we’re only in April! Watching a program last night about the ancient Romans in Egypt, the archaeologist casually mentioned temperatures of 135 degrees having something to do with the Romans heading back to Tuscany. No wonder the tour is cheap! That heat makes me apprehensive about its ravages on what’s left of this body; I recall having trouble trying to play golf in Palm Desert and Phoenix, at 116 degrees.

Assuming I make it back to Cairo in sufficient good health, I fly next to London, where I plan to take a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath, and after the heat from the Upper Nile I’ll probably need one. The Egypt artifacts and sites, and Stonehenge, are on my “Bucket List”, although I am reluctant to admit to the concept which underlies that phrase. Two days in UK, then home on May 24, a total of five weeks. As I will arrive in Casper late at night, I think I’ll stay there overnight rather than trying to head home after the long flight day. And so my Around the World adventure shall be complete.


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