BBC Interview

Recently, I was interviewed for a BBC World Service radio program, “Witness,” which talks to people who have been involved in sometimes-momentous events throughout recent history. I was interviewed for a short program about the Peace Corps, my having been a member of the first group of volunteers that went overseas. Although the interview lasted more than an hour, only about 8 or 9 minutes were used for the 10 minute program. They probably decided that I didn’t say too much that is significant. In any event, you can access it on this URL,   if you’d like to listen.

Also, I’m working on a short commentary about “Leadership,” including some questions for the reader to ponder. I hope to finish it this week, AFTER I do my income tax! Much of the content was created in concert with a valued colleague, whose expertise and insights often coincided with mine. This spark of scholarly discussions resulted in the decision to publish our musings.

There will be some new travel notes beginning toward the end of April, when I depart April 20 for South Korea, to evaluate two schools at Osan Air Base. Then, on May 4 I fly to Cairo, Egypt, changing planes in Istanbul. I will work at two more schools and, upon completion, am scheduling an air/cruise visit to Luxor and Aswan before heading to London for two days to see Stonehenge. And then home. I hope this body can withstand the cumulative jet lag!

For those of you in the Chicago area, there is what appears to be an excellent Educational Forum at the O’Hare Westin in Rosemont, April 6-8, sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America (, with numerous non-religious presentations on current educational topics. Check their website for program information.

Always Be Happy!                         Here’s To Our Youth, Always…

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