As one ages, one finds that there are fewer and fewer things which seem as important as they once were, and some things become even more valued. In my experience, it occurred to me that there needed to be some sort of method to evaluate experiences, relationships, material needs, and other major components of a person’s daily living in order to communicate effectively between and among peer groups; but how to do this?

Finally, I decided that whatever was to be done needed to have roots in most persons’ backgrounds and experience, in order to enhance the semantic requirements for good communication. After long consideration, I finally came up with a 10-point rating scale, which I termed “The RA Scale”, and which applied a rating of “RA-1” to those things for which a person has extreme commitment and interest, “RA-10” for those In which a person has absolutely no concern, and other ratings in-between to quantify and assign values as appropriate.

Having applied this scale to numerous situations, and having educated many of my colleagues into its application so that they too may enjoy the comfort of mutual understandings of often-complex issues, it has been found to be highly accurate and more than effective in addressing potentially confusing concerns and problems.

Finally, I am always being asked to explain upon what principle this system has been established. Actually, it’s quite simple.  Almost everyone has heard someone say, “I don’t give a Rat’s Ass” when asked to comment on some item of interest. And hence, The RA-Scale.

Go ahead and use it, with my permission. I didn’t copyright it, as I feel it should be owned by society as a whole, not be the property of any one person.

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